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March 25 2015

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Help us get ready for our Kickstarter. Spread the word, follow us for updates, and give us your feedback.

And thanks to all our amazing followers. You guys have been so supportive and helpful. Keep it up!

Holy shit, guys, remember that old post about this idea? Well it’s a thing now! Go check out the kickstarter and help fund this awesome game.


Has seananmcguire seen this?

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2005 hp fandom aesthetics

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Rainworks: Rain-Activated Art


(via TumbleOn)



that’s why the people of this world believe in


ᕕ༼(ʘʚ༽ヾ ༽ᕗ


\ ̄L ͡° ͜^ ͡°)


٩꒰ ( ✪͈̀ ᗜ ✪͈́) ꒱۶



This is just amazing.

best vine ever

If someone digs a hole in you, plant some nice flowers and tell them to go fuck themselves.
— (via not-ellas)


Man okay when I got my wisdom teeth out it was a fucking experience. Before the surgery wasn’t too interesting but as soon as I woke up I saw the nurse next to me and was all like “hey… i think… i died… and now I’m in a parallel universe… and i gotta go back to my house and kill the me from this universe” and he was just kinda like “alright, you do that”. And then the other nurse kept going in and out of the room to get things and I thought there was like 5 of her that kept coming out of the room, and then so when she was wheeling me out in a wheelchair I was like “damn… why are there so many of you… there’s like 5 many of you” and she was just kinda like “alright, you do that”.

Anyway I got to the car and my dad was there and he was like “how ya feeling son” in the dadliest way possible and I was like “MAN I AM PUMPED LETS GET SOME JUICE I’M STARVED” so we drove about 3 blocks to a jamba juice, whereupon I say “I’m good I can do this” and run/drunkstumble 30 feet to the door. I burst in the door like a viking returning from some fucking battle and holler “WHATS UP FUCKS” to everyone in the store, which was thankfully just the 2 people behind the counter, who looked probably as scared/confused as a jamba juice employee could look.

So anyway, as my dad explained the situation I looked up at the jamba juice menu and was utterly fucking lost in it. Like I swear I was looking at this menu board for a year, deciphering this Rosetta stone of fruits. I distinctly remember that I was looking at each item in a smoothie, thinking of how it tasted, then moving on to the next thing and thinking of how that tasted, and how they would taste together. Since most smoothies had 3 or 4 items, this took some thinking. So my dad sees me in this extreme brain blast state of mind and says “hey are you going to order or what”. Keep in mind I’m on the first fucking smoothie on the list here. So I just say “shush man I’m trying to do fruit science”, and then when I realized that this process could take literal years, I just said “yeah give me a smooth regular” which for the uninitiated, isn’t actually a real thing on any menu. Oh, also I asked them if the “boosted” smoothies would give me super powers and then pointed my fingers at them and made “lightning noises”.

So my dad just orders me the first thing on the menu and I go to sit down and stare out the window or some shit and my thoroughly amused dad just looks at me and says “how ya feelin?”. Now at this time I was feeling a lot of things, but most noticeable to me was the gauze in my mouth, so I just look at him and say “there’s these fuckin… tiny sheep in my head” which at the time was the best way I had to convey this feeling. Anyway about that time, the jamba juice guy brings us our drinks and he gives me a small thing of mario kart stickers and I swear I almost cried from the tsunami of emotion that gift made me feel (I still have them).

Anyway the rest of the story is we drove home and I explained this programming project I was working on to my dad in perfect detail somehow and then I came home and went on facebook and posted a comment on my friends status (because I couldn’t find the status update bar) that read: “i just took a lort of painkillers and yelled at everyone in a jambo juice”

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This spell enchants rose quartz jewelry to create a bubble of self-love that you can carry with you always (◕‿◕✿)


  • Any rose quartz jewelry; if you wish, substitute for another stone of self-love.
  • A paper and some colored pencils or crayons or whatever
  • Connection to an energy source that makes you feel self-love

Energetically cleanse the jewelry.

Your goal is to have the jewelry throw off an energetic bubble of the squishiest and most delightful self-love imaginable that will stay with you always. While the bubble will always be there, those of us poor at sensing energies (or poor at casting strong magics) merely need to think of the enchantment or touch the stone to be blasted with the deepest love in the universe.

The drawing functions as visual programming for the stone.

As you prepare to draw, ground so that you can fill your image with lots of energy. Connect with the energy source that makes you feel loved. For me it is the sun, I bet for many people here it will be the moon. Whatever source you have is a-ok!

Draw a representation of yourself. It may be a stick figure if you like.

Using a different color, draw the jewelry where you would normally wear it.

Using a different color, (I’d choose pink!) draw an outline around your body where you want the bubble to be. I would draw a big bubble but other people may want to draw the outline close to their skin. It is up to you! Make sure the bubble has no breaks.

Using the same color, create rays shooting out of the jewelry to fill up the self-love bubble. Remember to fill this drawing with loving and powerful energy. Make the drawing as detailed as you like.

When you are done, rest a moment and recharge your energy if you need to. Then, grab your rose quartz jewelry. Place it in the middle of your empowered drawing. Directly charge the jewelry with the loving energy you have connected to. As you charge it, tell the jewelry to get it’s programming from the picture or “draw up” the programming and set it in to the jewelry. Consider saying things such as, “this stone teaches me how to love myself. It reminds me of how much I love myself. When I am with this stone I will never forget how to love myself.”

When you are done, tie off all the energy sources going in to the jewelry. Seal the spell as you normally do. Keep the drawing, and whenever you need to recharge the jewelry, place it on the drawing as you actively or passively channel energy in to it.

If the jewelry needs tweaking, draw a new image to correct the mistakes and re-program it.

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March 24 2015




avoid people who mess with your head

avoid people who intentionally and repeatedly do and say things that they know upset you 

avoid people who expect you to prioritise them but refuse to prioritise you 

avoid people who can’t and won’t apologise sincerely




And most of all, stay out of relationships with people that have mental illness or mental illness that runs in the family. It may not look bad at first, but it gets worse as time goes by.

Um, no. NO no nonononono


Are you serious?? Are you serious. Are you seriously saying no one should date anyone with a mental illness? You are a part of the problem. You are part of the reason why there is such a stigma against admitting mental illness in social situations and why so few people feel comfortable getting treatment.

I come from a long line of people with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and I got the gene jackpot on it and somehow ended up with all of them. But you know what? I was a great girlfriend. And do you know what happened? My psychonormative ex was the one who exhibited all the characteristics in this post, to the point where I constantly felt like I wanted to die. His fault. Not mine.

People with mental illness are worthy of love and your addition to this post was not needed or wanted. Fuck you.


it’s kind of sad when you realize that you invested so much into someone who never ended up caring about you as much as you cared about them

March 23 2015

You became a stranger that knows all of my secrets.
— I am now a stranger that knows all of yours.
-m.t.t. (via mysilentconfessionstoyou)
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Make up test for Kaworu Nagisa. Also styled the wig. ♡


No, I don’t regret you. Not at all. What I regret is not leaving when I should’ve.
— !!!!! (via missinyouiskillingme)
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So I never posted my finished Garnet cosplay. Sowwy~ I get so excited during cons, I never really take formal pictures.

Here for it



March 22 2015

Updated my theme and my description

That counts as being productive, right?

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owo On point flowerpunk, yiiis!

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